Oil Free Portable Compressor

Perfect choice for power stations, automotive, food, petrochemical and pharmaceuticals industries, as well as in refineries.

Dry Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

  • Two-stage compressors have innovative, quality designs.

  • Efficient system service is key for low air costs and reliability.

  • KOTECH compressors offer durable, reliable performance.

  • The systems are user-friendly, featuring easy access and effortless maintenance.

Oil Free Diesel Portable Air Compressor

  • Adjustable compressed air discharge temperature

  • Pressure adjustment with engine speed regulation

  • High working ambient temperature

  • Compressed air aftercooler

Oil Free Scroll Air Compressor

  • TUV certification, ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil free.

  • Under standard operating conditions, the vibration of the scroll element is less than 7.1mm/s.
  • Silent, the noise of scroll compressor equipped with a 3.7kW scroll element is below 59dB.

  • Efficient, lower specific power, higher energy efficiency.

No Worries After Service

KOTECH customized service to provide excellent quality products to you

24 hours

In-time service

60 days

Quality issue return

5 years

VIP extended warranty

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Discovering the core technology of Kotech oil-free air compressors

Reliable Airends

Durable Coating

Chromium Steel Rotors

Airend Cooling

  • Two-stage compression

  • Siemens Control System

  • Siemens drive motor

  • lP54 automatic control cabinet

  • Air or water cooling